This is the tracker for gPXE, a network bootloader created by the Etherboot Project ( )
ID Category Task Type Severity Summary Status Assigned To
105 Drivers Bug Report High USB Keyboard Doesn't Detect - No PS/2 Port Unconfirmed
49 Core Bug Report High Possible stack corruption when loading files using HTTP... Assigned Joshua Oreman
109 Core Bug Report Medium gpxelinux.0 hangs when loading remote files with long p... Unconfirmed
93 General Bug Report Medium Speed problems in HTTP when downloading a kernel and in... Unconfirmed
90 Core Bug Report Medium OpenSolaris does not boot Unconfirmed
82 Core Bug Report Medium Checked build of Win 2008 R2 64-bit asserts in iBFT for... Unconfirmed
71 Core Bug Report Medium Natsemi doesnt seem to work with netgear FA311 REV-B1 Unconfirmed
70 Core Bug Report Medium Compiling on Mac OS X 10.5.8 with i386-elf-gcc fails Unconfirmed
67 Core Bug Report Medium gpxe hangs with AMIBIOS 08.00.14 enabled console redire... Unconfirmed
63 Drivers Bug Report Medium [sky2] Driver crashes during network boot. Unconfirmed
38 Drivers Feature Request Medium [tg3] Driver needs updating New
25 General Bug Report Medium [performance] Network transfer slow in virtualbox Assigned Thomas Miletich
18 Core Feature Request Medium [wol] Wake-on-LAN command Assigned Stefan Hajnoczi
17 Core Feature Request Medium [input] Add 'input' command Assigned Shao Miller
16 Drivers Feature Request Medium [ipg] Add driver for IC+ 1000a Assigned Thomas Miletich
14 Core Feature Request Medium [prefix] Add support for initrds, commandlines Assigned Shao Miller
12 Core Feature Request Medium [scripting] Added quoting, and an automated test Assigned Stefan Hajnoczi
5 General Bug Report Medium [gPXE] Update address for FSF Researching Marty Connor
3 Drivers Bug Report Medium [e1000] ROM image size should not exceed 64 KB Assigned Marty Connor
2 Core Feature Request Medium [https] Warn about lack of security Assigned Marty Connor
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